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Ports of Los Angeles, Nagoya sign agreement to expand cooperation

[ July 14, 2023   //   ]

Officials from the ports of Los Angeles and Nagoya, Japan, have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to broaden cooperation on key sustainability and operational efficiency initiatives, including port community systems and digital supply chain information sharing, zero-emission vehicle and equipment testing, and a new Green Shipping Corridor between the two ports. The new three-year agreement builds upon the 2020 MOU.
The new three-year MOU involves sharing best practices and exchanging information on issues of operational efficiencies, such as the development, deployment and promotion of port community systems for end-to-end supply chain information sharing. These include the Port Optimizer™ that has been in use at the Port of Los Angeles since 2017, and has helped revolutionize the Port’s ability to plan, forecast and track cargo on a real-time basis.
Under the new agreement, both ports also agreed to continue collaborating on the development and testing of zero-emission vehicles and equipment; environmental initiatives focused on terminal operations, ships in port and drayage trucks; and on energy use and alternative energy sources.
Central to sustainability efforts in the agreement will be the establishment of a new Green Shipping Corridor in the coming years, guided by a port decarbonization plan. This endeavor will focus on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from cargo movement between Nagoya and Los Angeles and encourage the use and promotion of low and zero-carbon ships and fuels.

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