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Ports Announce Clean Air Action Plan 2017 Update Schedule

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The ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles have set Wednesday, July 19 to release the draft Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) 2017 Update and will then solicit comments from the public on new strategies to further reduce air emissions and support the statewide vision for more sustainable freight movement.

The Ports also announced a schedule for the remainder of CAAP 2017 Update process:

  • July 19 — Release draft CAAP 2017 Update and start of public comment period
  • Aug. 30 — Public workshop to collect comments on the draft CAAP 2017, beginning at 5 p.m. at Banning’s Landing, 100 E. Water St., Wilmington, CA 90744
  • Sept. 18 — Written public comments period closes at 5 p.m.
  • November — Long Beach and Los Angeles Harbor Commissioners will meet jointly to consider approval of the final CAAP 2017 Update

Adopted in 2006, the landmark San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan has dramatically improved air quality in the region by reducing pollution from the ships, trucks, trains, cargo-handling equipment and harbor craft that operate in and around the ports. According to the latest annual inventories, the two ports’ comprehensive clean air programs since 2005 have reduced diesel particulate matter up to 85 percent, cut nitrogen oxides in half, eliminated 97 percent of sulfur oxides, and shrunk greenhouse gases an average of 12 percent. The results reflect the ports’ combined clean air progress in collaboration with industry, regulatory, community and environmental partners since 2005.

The CAAP was intended to be periodically updated. The first update was approved in 2010, and this second update is scheduled for approval later this year. The CAAP 2017 Update has been under development for more than a year and contains new strategies from all sources that move cargo through the ports, including the deployment of zero and near-zero emission trucks and cargo-handling equipment, and the expansion of programs that reduce ship emissions.

For more information on the CAAP 2017 Update, go to To submit comments, ask questions or to request a presentation, email


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