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Port Tampa Bay Provides Temperature Alert Devices

[ November 10, 2020   //   ]

Port Tampa Bay has partnered with TAD Safe, a company that makes wearable temperature alert devices, to provide all its employees with a device to monitor their temperature. TAD Safe is worn like a bracelet and has three indicator levels: green, amber, and red. Green indicates a person’s temperature is between 94 and 99.4 degrees, amber indicates a temperature between 99.5 and 100.3 degrees, and red indicates a person’s body temperature is above 100.4 degrees. If the device reads amber or red, it will vibrate to alert the wearer.

The device alerts wearers of body temperature changes to prevent the possible spread of viral or bacterial infections with 15-minute interval and on-the-spot readings. The devices are also water resistant, have a built-in USB charger, and a long battery life of up to 16 hours.

“We’ve partnered with TAD Safe to provide all 150 Port Tampa Bay employees with a temperature alert device to monitor their body temperature,” said Paul Anderson, Port Tampa Bay President and CEO. “This is for the safety of all port employees – whether they are in the office building or in the field. We’ve had a great response from our employees and they appreciate the device, which is one of our many efforts to keep our employees, partners, and customers safe and healthy.”

Port Tampa Bay is continuing its other health measures, such as thoroughly sanitizing the buildings every 30 days, frequent cleaning of the building each day, additional hand sanitizer stations, and daily disinfecting of the elevator along with special elevator button covers that offer continuous cleaning. The port is also continuing with its remote work option for eligible positions.

“Given today’s unprecedented need to get our employees back to work, while instilling a feeling of comfort and awareness, for not only Port Tampa Bay’s employees, but the thousands of people that come through the port annually, my partners and I are excited to have our TAD, Temperature Alert Device, be selected as one of the tools implemented by the largest port in Florida to make a difference,” said Randy Kane, co-founder of TAD Safe.

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