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Port of Savannah moves 5M TEUs

[ August 4, 2021   //   ]

For the first time in its history, the Port of Savannah has moved 5.3 million TEUs, growing cargo volumes by 20% in FY2021, or nearly 900,000 TEUs compared to the previous year.
“GPA leadership, our employees and our partners across the logistics community put in tremendous effort to make this milestone possible,” said incoming GPA Board Chairman Joel Wooten. “Growing our business by 20% in a single year is an amazing accomplishment and secures Savannah’s position as the fastest growing gateway in the nation over the past 10 years.”
GPA Executive Director Griff Lynch said the Savannah Harbor deepening, the Mason Mega Rail terminal and other capacity enhancements are not only preparing GPA for the present influx of cargo, but also for future demand.
“A major strength for the Port of Savannah is its ability to respond to the needs of customers as they expand their positions in Georgia,” Lynch said. “As port users continue to route additional cargo to Georgia, we are bullish on the future. We have an abundance of near-port property available for development, and GPA is right now adding millions of TEUs of additional capacity in Savannah.”
GPA’s trade in autos and heavy machinery also saw significant growth. Roll-on/Roll-off volumes reached 703,528 units crossing all GPA docks in FY2021, with the Port of Brunswick alone handling more than 685,000 units of vehicles and heavy machinery. Total Ro/Ro volume grew by 18% over the previous fiscal year, or an additional 106,150 units.