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Port of Rotterdam Innovation Starting to Bear Fruit

[ February 8, 2016   //   ]

Six months ago the Port of Rotterdam’s innovative new website Rotterdam Port Connector went live. Today, some 25,000 individuals, employed by a range of international firms, have joined the network – and are utilising the tools offered by the Port Connector every day.
The website was set up to bring potential international clients in touch with Rotterdam’s port business community.  So far almost 100 inquiries have been made that have generated business.
Rotterdam Port Connector is primarily intended to make it easier for international companies to find a service provider in the port. The members of the Rotterdam Port Promotion Council (RPPC), the organisation that took the initiative for the website, are mainly active in the transport, logistics and supply chain sectors.
“For us, the logical choice was to make a website that is anonymous, free of charge and secure,” said RPPC Managing Director Marjolein Warburg. “It creates new opportunities for businesses all over the world.”