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Port of Oakland votes labor leader Cluver as President

[ July 22, 2020   //   ]

Alameda County labor leader Andreas Cluver has been elected President of the Port of Oakland’s governing Board. The seven-member Board of Port Commissioners chose Mr. Cluver at a special meeting.

Oakland Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Barbara Leslie was elected the Port Board’s First Vice President. Commissioners selected well-known Oakland architect Yui Hay Lee as Second Vice President.

President Cluver succeeds Ces Butner who had been Board President for the past two years. Mr. Butner, a prominent Oakland business executive, will remain on the Board as a Commissioner.

The election follows Oakland City Council re-appointment of President Cluver and community activist Arabella Martinez to the Port Board. Both joined in 2016.
President Cluver is Secretary-Treasurer of the Building & Construction Trades Council of Alameda County. He served the past two years as First Vice President of the Port Board. Commissioner Leslie had been the Port’s Second Vice President last year. Commissioner Lee joined the Board in 2018.

The Board of Port Commissioners sets policy for the Port of Oakland and oversees Port operations. The Mayor of Oakland nominates Board members who are appointed by the City Council.