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Port of Montreal opens new overpass in Viau Sector

[ August 16, 2023   //   ]

After two years of construction, the Port of Montreal has officially opened its new overpass over Notre-Dame Street East in the Viau sector. Intended to remove close to 1,500 trucks a day from the local road network, this new infrastructure will improve the efficiency and fluidity of freight transport.
Providing a direct connection between bulk and container terminals, the new overpass opened by the Montreal Port Authority (MPA) will enable trucks leaving the Port of Montreal to take Dickson Street then Souligny Avenue directly to Highway 25. This will make it possible for about 1,500 trucks a day to bypass Notre-Dame Street.
In addition to saving time for truck drivers, ensuring a smoother flow of goods and improving the efficiency of port operations, this new infrastructure will limit disruptions for residents of the Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough.