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Port of Longview gets West Coast’s 1st and 2nd heavy lift reachstackers

[ October 6, 2023   //   ]

The West Coast’s first and second 130-ton Kalmar Super Gloria Reachstackers joined the Port of Longview’s fleet this summer, expanding its reach in the breakbulk industry both literally and figuratively.
The machines have immediately increased the Port’s operational capacity. Previously relying on its two Liebherr mobile harbor cranes for both dockside and laydown yard operations, the Port’s new stackers will free up the cranes by taking over in the laydown yard – now
allowing heavy lift operations to work both on-dock and in the yard simultaneously.
“The Super Glorias are a breakbulk game changer,” said Director of Operations Mark Price. “Customers are certainly seeing a new level of service when it comes to moving cargo through the Port of Longview.”
Not only is the Port saving hours on its two cranes, the stacker’s smaller footprint has freed up laydown space, and their maneuverability. and increased visibility has improved truck loading for both the equipment operators and truck drivers.
“Cargo is moving more efficiently than ever,” said Business Development Manager Laurie Nelson-Cooley. “ILWU Local 21 has an exceptional team of lift operators that have made this transition seamless for both the Port and its customers.”
To date, there are only six other Super Glorias in the United States and only one other facility in the Southern United States has two stackers. The new machines cost a combined $2.5 million and were ordered in November 2021.