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Port of Houston Authority and Freight Shuttle International Sign Cooperation Agreement

[ September 20, 2016   //   ]

The Port of Houston Authority and Freight Shuttle International (FSI) announced Friday that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding a Joint Project to Evaluate Freight Shuttle Deployment Options in Port of Houston Area. The signing preceded a Demonstration of the Autonomous Freight Shuttle System, held in Bryan, TX, which was co-sponsored by Governor Greg Abbott, Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp, the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and FSI.

“Throughout its 102 year history, the Port of Houston has pursued innovation and technological advances to meet demand and protect the environment. The Freight Shuttle has the potential to reduce freight congestion, transportation costs, and air emissions and we support these goals,” said Janiece Longoria, Chairman of the Port Commission of the Port of Houston Authority.

“Container volumes continue to grow,” added Executive Director Roger Guenther. “We’ve continually innovated our terminals to accommodate that demand through expanded capacity and increased cargo velocity. The potential that the Freight Shuttle provides to complement the existing road and rail transportation system and contribute to economic growth and creation of jobs is truly exciting.”

FSI acknowledged the value of the partnership with the Port Authority for the success of this project. “Innovation requires challenging current ways of thinking,” said Gordon Dorsey, Vice President, FSI Commercial Development. “FSI has come up with a practical and elegant solution to freight transportation, but it also requires partnerships to come together to bring ideas into reality.”

FSI’s Chairman and President, Dr. Steve Roop stated, “We’ve been developing the freight shuttle concept for over a decade, but now it is a real, tangible system which people can see, and that makes a difference in attracting partners to support future development, refinement and deployment. This agreement with the Port of Houston is an encouraging sign.”


Freight Shuttle International Chairman and President, Dr. Steve Roop and Port of Houston Authority Executive Director Roger Guenther sign Memorandum of Understanding. (Photo: Business Wire)