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Port of Halifax Cargo Operations Remain Fluid

[ April 9, 2020   //   ]

The movement of containerized cargo vessels through the Port of Halifax has not been affected by the
COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

“Right now, all marine partners in the Port of Halifax are together working very hard to maintain supply chain fluidity and keep cargo moving through our international gateway,” said Captain Allan Gray,
President and CEO, Halifax Port Authority.

Each member of the Halifax Port Community has taken steps to adjust their routines in accordance with recent guidance from Transport Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada. The marine sector will continue to follow Transport Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada’s guidelines for COVID-19. “The employers who make up the Port of Halifax community place safety of workers above all else and are taking all appropriate steps to follow protocols to protect workers under the current conditions,” said Captain Gray. “The Halifax Employers Association and labor representatives are working closely and
successfully to adapt procedures and communicate with workers.”

The Halifax Port Authority and all Canadian Port Authorities continue to work with Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments and the Association of Canadian Port Authorities on plans and responses
associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, there are no restrictions on container cargo vessel operations at the Port of Halifax.

The Halifax Port Authority is providing daily updates via Port of Halifax COVID-19 Information and interested parties can subscribe through the Port Operations Centre to receive those updates through
email notification.