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Port of Everett’s New Rail Siding Ready for Cargo

[ December 4, 2017   //   ]

The Port of Everett recently wrapped up construction on Phase II of its terminal rail expansion. The $5.25million project added a new 3,300-lineal foot double rail siding along the eastern edge of the Seaport, boosting the Port’s on-dock rail capacity from 9,600 to 12,500 lineal feet.

The Port can now accommodate up to 106 railcars on dock at any given time. The new rail siding parallels the BNSF mainline, providing a critical connection that allows BNSF easier ingress and egress to the Port’s shipping facilities and reduces congestion on the mainline from Seattle to Canada and east along the northern corridor. This project was made possible, in part, by a federal TIGER grant. The TIGER program is an extremely valuable grant program for reinvesting in our nation’s transportation infrastructure.

The Port of Everett utilizes its rail infrastructure to support Washington state’s #1 export customs district (4th on the U.S. West Coast) representing $29 billion in trade for the aerospace, construction, manufacturing, energy, agricultural and forest products industries.

The first phase of the Port’s terminal rail expansion was completed in 2016 and included the addition of 650 lineal feet of new rail track at the north end of the Seaport and improved the functionality and safety of the Port’s South Terminal rail spur by rehabilitating sections of track and extending the spur 100 lineal feet to the north.

In early 2018, as part of the Port’s South Terminal modernization efforts , the Port is planning to add new crane rail to the 700-foot strengthened terminal. The rail will allow the Port to handle two, 100-foot gauge rail-mounted gantry cranes to support aerospace cargoes, including parts for the 777X coming on-line in early 2018, and other containerized and over dimensional cargoes.