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Port Manatee registers $3.9 billion annual economic impact

[ May 19, 2020   //   ]

Port Manatee’s annual economic impact comes in at more than $3.9 billion, with the port directly and indirectly generating 27,156 jobs, according to a report released on May 19 to the Manatee County Port Authority.
“As this new study underscores, Port Manatee is abundantly fulfilling its mission to serve as a powerful catalyst of countywide economic growth and hub of trade-related activity,” said Carlos Buqueras, Port Manatee’s executive director. “While it is difficult to predict ultimate effects of present global challenges, Port Manatee is safely maintaining waterborne operations, including moving cargos destined for food banks and shelters.”
The new report pegs Port Manatee’s annual economic impact at $3,935,724,000. That number is up more than 65% from the $2,380,202,000 figure in the last similar report, which was based upon 2006 data, while overall jobs generated by Port Manatee activity rose 33%.
Port Manatee, under the foresighted direction of the Manatee County Port Authority, attributes much of its enduring success to diversity of its cargo mix, which ranges from tropical produce and citrus juices to gasoline and granite to phosphates and forest products.
“A diverse base of activity has been vital to Port Manatee’s sustained ability to contribute so substantially to the well-being of Manatee County and beyond,” said Priscilla Whisenant Trace, chairwoman of the Manatee County Port Authority. “Meanwhile, strategically expanding port infrastructure and nearly 5,000 acres of surrounding green space provide ample opportunities for even greater impacts in the future.”