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Port Everglades sets May/June cargo records

[ July 25, 2022   //   ]

Port Everglades exceeded its record May and June cargo volumes thanks to new ocean shipping services from India, Turkey and Greece.
“Unlike the downturn that we typically experience at the end of our busy melon season, we had a spike in May and June because of the new Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) services from South Asia and the Mediterranean,” said Port Everglades Chief Executive and Port Director Jonathan Daniels. “We are on track to shatter our annual record from 2018.”
In May 2022, Port Everglades recorded 97,502 TEUs (20-foot equivalent units, the maritime industry’s stand container measurement), up 4 percent over the Port’s former record set in May 2015. Containerized cargo volumes jumped 5 percent in June 2022 over the former record set in June 2018, with 94,106 TEUs.