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Port Everglades Reaches New Operational Performance Heights

[ July 14, 2023   //   ]

Port Everglades’ ratings for container operational performance are soaring thanks to aggressive capital investments in cargo handling infrastructure by the port and the actions of its container terminal operators and labor.
In just one year, Port Everglades became the 89th-ranked port for operational performance worldwide, surpassing its 2021 ranking at 116, according to The World Bank, 2023. “The Container Port Performance Index 2022: A Comparable Assessment of Performance based on Vessel Time in Port.” The index includes 348 container seaports globally.
Regionally, including the United States and Canada, Port Everglades climbed to the Number 5 ranking in 2022 from Number 11 in 2021, also making it the second highest performing Florida seaport behind Jacksonville Port Authority.
“This is tremendous news because improved operational performance demonstrates a direct return on investment, and it is phenomenal that it happened so quickly after installing new cranes and completing a massive project to expand berth space for containerized cargo,” said Port Everglades CEO and Port Director Jonathan Daniels. “This is a great example of how we are committed to growing Port Everglades organically by making infrastructure improvements that support investments by our existing container terminal operators and provide the resources needed for maritime labor to be more efficient.”
Port Everglades, located in southeast Florida, added three new Super Post-Panamax gantry cranes and extended a ship turnaround area to create five more berths. Three more of the same uniquely designed cranes will be delivered to the port by the end of 2023. These capital investments, along with new privately built warehouses, are providing tangible assets for the marine terminal operators and their ocean carrier clients operating at Port Everglades.