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Port Canaveral Roadway Upgrades Underway

[ February 22, 2019   //   ]

Work is underway at Port Canaveral for wider roads, improved traffic signals and a new “wayfinding” system around the Port to accommodate increased vehicle traffic generated by the Port’s operations growth. The roadway upgrades will improve traffic flow and promote traffic safety around the Port’s northside cruise terminals and growing cargo operations. The project is part of a comprehensive port-wide intermodal road improvements plan to revamp Port Canaveral’s roadway infrastructure to support heavy loading equipment and trucks, relieve congestion, improve safety and expand efficiency and capacity of Port roadways.
“Increased cargo volumes, coupled with our growing cruise business and tourism activity here emphasize the need for our roadways to better handle the growing number of vehicles moving through our Port,” Port CEO Capt. John Murray stated. “Investing in critical infrastructure, like wider roads, improved traffic signals and better signage ensures our Port remains safe, efficient and accessible for everyone.”
The Northside Roadway Improvement Project and the Port’s wayfinding project have a combined total cost of $16.3 million, funded in part by an $8.25 million grant from the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund. The Northside Roadway Improvement Project includes an $8.1 million investment in northside terminal roadways to add road lanes, new signaling, a new emergency access roadway, and improved commercial parking in front of cruise terminals. Additionally, an $8.2 million investment in wayfinding and new directional and electronic signage throughout the Port and along State Roads 528, 401 and A1A will improve traffic navigation to cruise terminals and cargo piers.

Work underway on wider roads for Port Canaveral access. (Port Canaveral photo.)