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POLA Continues Clean Air Progress

[ October 9, 2020   //   ]

The Port of Los Angeles continues to make significant clean air gains, according to the Port’s new 2019 Inventory of Air Emissions report. While cargo volume slipped 1% in calendar year 2019, the Port and its partners succeeded in cutting emissions between 5% and 7% compared with 2018, according to the study released today.

“We can’t defeat the climate crisis until we put the brakes on dangerous emissions — and our Port is an essential anchor in our efforts to forge a more sustainable future,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “With our steady progress and our unflinching commitment to the Port’s Clean Air Action Plan, we are showing what it takes to turn a key pillar of our economic power into a central plank of a cleaner, greener tomorrow.”

“Every year, it takes all our pollution reduction strategies, ongoing and new, to maintain and improve the dramatic progress we’ve made in cutting pollution,” said Port Executive Director Gene Seroka. “We’re working closely with our industry partners, manufacturers and public agencies to test emerging technologies that will make the next big leap forward.”

The annual inventory measures both year-to-year changes and long-term progress of Port strategies to reduce pollution from all sources related to its operations: ships, trucks, locomotives, harbor craft and cargo handling equipment. The Port’s goals were established in the 2006 Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) and expanded in its 2010 and 2017 updates. The latest results are based on data collected during calendar year 2019 and reviewed by regional, state and federal air regulatory agencies.