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PNAT Gets New Mobile Ro-Ro Training Simulator

[ September 5, 2017   //   ]

Ports America’s Port Newark Auto Terminal (PNAT) has purchased a mobile ro-ro operations labor training simulator, which prepares drivers for a variety of ro-ro vessel scenarios involved in the loading and discharging of rolling stock/auto cargoes.
This valuable addition to Ports America’s overall operational training programs elevates the company from its competitors. The “STISIM Drive(R)” system is interactive and not only simulates the range of ro-ro vessels’ challenging scenarios, but also measures and corrects driver performance. Among the many benefits that customers gain from Ports America’s investment in this system is damage and risk prevention along with a more highly skilled, reliable labor force.     All drivers must complete simulator training as part of the Ports America driving test requirement in order to gain the Car Driver category qualification.
“We are providing our drivers with this comprehensive, state-of-the-art training program tool to achieve superior quality cargo handling,” said Ports America Director – Northeast Operations Jonathon Doyle.
Jorge Taboada, Ports America general manager for PNAT and Bayonne Auto Terminal (BAT), led the years of research and development. “Drivers are immersed in this educational program through a personalized experience before working actual vessels,” he said. “They are provided this unique opportunity to practice potentially risky scenarios in a safe environment while standards and procedures are promoted during the exercise.”

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