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Pilot Acquires Manna To Expand Final Mile Delivery Services

[ July 27, 2018   //   ]

Pilot Freight Services has acquired Mann Freight Systems, a final mile logistics provider based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, in a strategic move to create unparalleled final mile service for furniture and appliance delivery with installation capabilities. Pilot will leverage Manna’s network, technology solutions and expertise in final mile delivery in the heavy and hard to handle (“H3D”) category to supplement the company’s existing strength in full mile service for its vast number of e-commerce customers.

 “Manna complements our existing strengths with additional expertise, services and tech solutions,” explains Gordon Branov, CEO of Pilot Freight Services. “Just as importantly, when the passion and strengths of Manna and Pilot employees unite, an incredibly exciting future will stand before us as one company.”

 The acquisition bolsters Pilot’s position as one of the top providers of logistics solutions to the H3D market. The integration of Manna is the next progression of Pilot’s e-commerce platform, offering best-in-industry practices from full mile to domestic final mile, all of which is backed by Pilot’s 24/7 national customer service. Pilot will grow its domestic final mile footprint from 71 to 83 locations, enabling even greater coverage for the company’s expanding roster of clients.

 Manna’s known domestic final mile delivery options will be offered to new and existing customers and promises to provide a complete package of delivery solutions. In addition, Pilot will implement technology solutions to further increase efficiency and transparency through truck dispatching, order management and real time route optimization.

 “The synergy between Pilot and Manna will enable us to offer our outstanding customer base expertise not only just for full mile, but also extend to final mile delivery of furniture and appliance hook up,” explains John Hill, President and CCO of Pilot Freight Services. “As home delivery grows exponentially, this acquisition is the perfect evolution for Pilot to service our e-commerce customers at the highest level.”


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