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Phase 1 of Singapore’s Tuas Terminal Development Begins

[ May 6, 2016   //   ]

The Port of Singapore’s Tuas Terminal development has entered Phase 1 of its construction. When completed, the 20 deep-water berths in Phase 1 of Tuas Terminal development will be able to handle about 20 million TEUs per annum. The entire mega-terminal will have a total capacity of up to 65 million TEUs.
A major component of Singapore’s Next Generation Port vision, Tuas Terminal will incorporate new features such as optimizing land use by utilizing both above and underground spaces for complementary purposes like storage facilities; enhancing the safety and security of the port waters via a next generation traffic management system; and increasing productivity and reducing labor costs through the use of technology like automated yard cranes and port equipment.

The Tuas Terminal will be developed in four phases over the span of some 30 years, with the Phase 1 reclamation works scheduled to be completed by the early 2020s.