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Patriot Rail to expand portfolio

[ September 11, 2017   //   ]

Patriot Rail Company LLC (Patriot), a leading operator of short line and regional freight railroads and rail related services, announced on Sept. 1 the combination with Diversified Port Holdings LLC (DPH) to create an expanded portfolio of businesses.

DPH, through its principal subsidiaries Seaonus and Portus, operates an integrated maritime port logistics business within the rapidly growing US Gulf and Atlantic region. The Seaonus/Portus companies operate eight breakbulk, bulk and heavy lift terminals and two container, Roll-on/Roll-off and Lift–on/Lift-off terminals located in Jacksonville, Cape Canaveral, and Fort Lauderdale, FL; New Orleans, LA; Mobile, AL; Savannah, GA; Charleston, SC; and Sunny Point, NC.

“In our day-to-day service delivery we noted customers increasingly seeking bundled port and rail solutions. In the past DPH and Patriot have partnered in providing these solutions to our customers,” said Patriot CEO John Fenton. “The combining of the businesses will enable us to further enhance service delivery for our customers while increasing our cost competitiveness.”

Seaonus and Portus provide stevedoring and terminal services, including on and off -port storage facilities to drive increased utilization of the maritime terminal infrastructure. Logistics services, intermodal connectivity, and use of on and off-port storage facilities combine to maximize cargo throughput.

“The combination of DPH with the Patriot portfolio provides an exceptional opportunity for us to provide a coordinated and seamless suite of customized transportation and logistics solutions to rail and port customers,” noted Fenton. “

Patriot and DPH are headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.