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Oakland Airport completes $30 million taxiway rehabilitation project

[ October 5, 2022   //   ]

Oakland International Airport recently showcased its now-complete $30 million Taxiway Victor and Bravo Rehabilitation Project. The newly repaved taxiways will serve nearly all flight operations at the airport for the next 10-15 years, as these taxiways provide critical access to the airport’s primary runway.
“The rehabilitation of Taxiways Bravo and Victor was an important undertaking for us because of just how essential these taxiways are,” said Bryant L. Francis, Director of Aviation at the Port of Oakland. “Virtually all flights that depart or arrive at OAK will touch Taxiways Victor or Bravo at some point during their time on the ground. FAA grant funding was essential for us to maintain and improve this crucial thoroughfare of the airport.”

The total combined project cost for the taxiway rehabilitations was approximately $30 million. The project was partially funded by three grants from the FAA’s Airport Improvement Program. The first two grants, totaling approximately $14 million, were received in 2020. The third grant for the project was received in 2021, totaling nearly $12.3 million, for a total federal investment of nearly $26.3 million.