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OAK receives $15.4 million

[ January 4, 2022   //   ]

Oakland International Airport (OAK) will receive $15.4 million from the Department of Transportation as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed by Congress last month. These funds will be used for projects related to environmental sustainability, passenger amenities and security upgrades.
OAK is working closely with Federal Aviation Administration partners to clarify criteria and timelines for funding, airport officials said. Based on project eligibility, airport staff is examining specific programs that will help modernize aging facilities.
“This funding is critical for providing greater safety, security and sustainability at Oakland International Airport,” said Oakland International Airport Aviation Director Bryant Francis. “It will also provide new job opportunities for the local community.”
Below is a list of some OAK projects that may benefit from the federal funding:
• Airfield safety projects
• Security systems upgrades
• Passenger amenities including companion care and gender-inclusive facilities
• Expanded on-site energy generation
• Adding electrical charging stations
• Building system improvements for energy-efficiency and passenger comfort
Oakland International Airport is owned and operated by the Port of Oakland.

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