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Now Drones Can Inspect Aircraft

[ January 21, 2022   //   ]

Korean Air, with its extensive experience in manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, has developed a technology that can inspect aircraft using drone swarms.
Korean Air’s aircraft inspection technology is the first in the world to deploy multiple drones simultaneously, shortening maintenance time and dramatically increasing operational stability.
Drone aircraft inspection has transformed maintenance norms and is being introduced by airlines around the world. Whereas maintenance specialists previously had to perform a visual check of the aircraft fuselage from heights of up to 20 meters, drone inspections improve workplace safety and allow for increased accuracy and speed.
When four drones are operated simultaneously, the usual visual inspection time of about 10 hours can be reduced to about four hours, a 60% decrease in time, and this will help to improve on-time flight operations. Moreover, the drones, which are equipped with high-performance cameras, can identify objects up to 1 mm in size, allowing for detection of micro defects that cannot be seen from above with the naked eye.