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Noatum Logistics completes acquisition of MIQ Logistics

[ April 10, 2019   //   ]

As of April 3, Noatum Logistics has completed its acquisition of MIQ Logistics. With this purchase, Noatum Maritime, the parent group of Noatum Logistics, is now directly present in 26 countries with over 2,400 employees with gross revenues exceeding $1 billion.
“We have completed the purchase of MIQ Logistics because the synergies were clear from the Outset,” said Antonio Campoy, CEO of Noatum Maritime. “We are very satisfied with this operation, which gives us more professional, geographic and commercial strength, making Noatum Logistics the Spanish logistics company with the largest international presence.”
Noatum Maritime is now present all over the world: Japan, the Philippines, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Algeria, Morocco, the US, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru.
Meanwhile, Noatum Logistics is enhancing its multicultural character and innovative spirit by providing complex specific solutions with added value that the various industrial sectors may require, such as management and design of the supply chain, inventory control, purchase order and supplier management, and load monitoring for cargo transport.
This acquisition reinforces the spirit of value of Noatum Logistics, which offers flexible, intelligent and integrated logistics using common global technology with order visibility throughout the supply chain, as well as a consultancy team.
Furthermore, it will have 90 offices, a volume of 364,000 logistics operations, 279,000 TEUs, 109,000 sea freight tonnes and 45,000 airfreight tonnes, 139,000 CBM LCL and 145,000 customs clearances, making it the Spanish logistics company with the largest international presence, and among the Top 50 of freight forwarders worldwide.
Noatum Logistics also plans to maintain its current network of agent partners, which it will continue to work with, and anticipates strengthening its relationships with them. As for the employees, the workforces of MIQ Logistics and Noatum Logistics will be fully integrated, as there is no geographical overlap except in Chile, where their activities complement each other.
“With a similar model of diversification by sector, MIQ Logistics contributes specialization in some areas and a higher level of internationalization that places Noatum Logistics in the top 50 freight forwarders worldwide, and this enables us to enhance the spirit of value and innovation that makes us stand out to the benefit of our customers,” said Rafael Torres, CEO, Noatum Logistics.
According to John E. Carr, president of MIQ Noatum Logistics, “We are
fully committed to making our contribution to Noatum Logistics successful and opening up new horizons for the company.”

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