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NFTC Statement on Cuba Travel Restrictions

[ November 10, 2017   //   ]

National Foreign Trade Council Vice President Jake Colvin today released a statement following the Administration’s enactment of new travel restrictions to Cuba.

“The actions announced today by the Administration are misguided,” said Colvin. “Allowing people-to-people travel only as part of organized trips will limit the contact that Americans can have with everyday Cubans on the island and take money out of the pockets of Cuban entrepreneurs and home-stay hosts.

“Restrictions on engaging while traveling with individual Cuban entities will be confusing for travelers and require significant U.S. Government resources to enforce.

“The new restrictions on American businesses in Cuba are also counterproductive. In particular, restricting American companies from participating in the special Mariel economic zone prevents Americans from engaging in a fledgling economic experiment by the Cuban government that could potentially benefit Cuban workers and the Cuban people.”