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NFI taps WeatherOptics

[ February 25, 2022   //   ]

NFI, a leading third-party logistics provider, announced a new partnership with WeatherOptics, a leading weather intelligence platform, to provide improved visibility to customers ahead of disruptive weather events.
WeatherOptics boils weather impact down to a simple risk score or delay time that allows businesses to easily understand how upcoming weather will affect their key operations. The company works with some of the largest shippers and supply chain software companies in North America to help predict and mitigate things like trucking delays, warehouse disruptions, and changes in consumer demand.
NFI is one of the largest 3PLs in North America, specializing in dedicated transportation, warehousing and distribution, port services, brokerage, transportation management, intermodal, global logistics, industrial real estate, and more. Since 1932, the company has provided exceptional service to its customers, and is consistently ranked among the top supply chain solution providers in North America. NFI’s transportation management team, a consultative team of supply chain engineers and experts, will lead the launch of the partnership with WeatherOptics.
The new partnership will allow NFI customers to access granular weather impact insights, designed specifically for freight and supply chain. WeatherOptics offers a wide variety of impact risk scores, including road conditions, flood, shipment delays, and overall business disruption. NFI plans to integrate the full suite of products into their proprietary TMS, Navitrace.
“WeatherOptics insights are designed to make it incredibly easy to understand weather impact on key business operations. We want everyone, regardless of expertise, to be able to make informed decisions around the weather,” said WeatherOptics CEO and co-founder Scott Pecoriello. “We’re excited to partner with NFI because they are leveraging our insights in a unique way that will instantly add value to their customers and how they operate internally.”
“We pride ourselves on adding value to our customers’ supply chain by giving them access to state-of-the-art technology, all in one ecosystem. By adding WeatherOptics to our growing list of leading software providers, we can help our customers better prepare for disruptions,” said Jim Hanselmann, Director of Solution Development at NFI. “Weather has the power to wreak havoc on a supply chain, and by using WeatherOptics data we can help our customers understand where the greatest risks are,what the impact will be on their freight, and the best way to mitigate that risk.”

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