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New Director Leads Trailer Bridge International to Double-Digit Growth

[ August 1, 2023   //   ]

Trailer Bridge, Inc., a full-service, asset-light transportation solution provider, today announced double-digit growth for its global shipping service, Trailer Bridge International (TBI) under the direction of a new leader, Zach Monger. Zach was promoted to the role of Director of NVOCC & Compliance in September 2022 after supporting the formation and launch of the entity.

Trailer Bridge International was launched in 2021 as part of Trailer Bridge’s strategic goal to be a billion-dollar company by 2027. Zach now oversees the management of the TBI team which is split between Jacksonville and Puerto Rico as well as the strategic direction of the growth of the service.

TBI received formal licensing to import and export freight in Puerto Rico in late 2022, expanding the company’s service offerings to its strong customer base on the island. While Puerto Rico and the Caribbean are hot spots for the team, they also move freight to/from locations in Mexico, Europe, Africa, South America, China and India, adding to the list of countries served every day.

“The massive growth TBI is experiencing is a direct result of Zach’s commitment to service, supporting customer’s global supply chain needs with an end-to-end solution, and dedication to his team,” said Trailer Bridge CEO Mitch Luciano. “He leads with care and uses his expertise to not only serve his customers but those around him, sharing key knowledge to help all within our company understand this new service offering.”

Zach began his career in international logistics in 2015 after graduating from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor of Business Administration focused on Business Management and Transportation Logistics. His experience includes all aspects of pricing and operations related to imports, exports and foreign-to-foreign shipments including tracking and tracing, Customs documentation and relationship management with local and overseas carriers and agents.

“Zach has built a team that not only embodies Trailer Bridge’s core values but has the expertise in the intricacies of global freight management,” said Jeff Vaughn, Chief Commercial Officer at Trailer Bridge. “With the ever changing landscape, having a partner like Zach working to find the best routing options helps today’s shippers navigate changes and realize the cost savings to support their growing businesses.”