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Navis launches Lashing Monitor

[ December 20, 2021   //   ]

Navis announced the launch of a new product: the Lashing Monitor. This will help to proactively monitor lash conditions that could potentially damage container vessels and it will also alert vessel crews about safety concerns at sea.

Combining its MACS3 loading computer with the new Lashing Monitor application, Navis can now look at current lash forces based on the measured motion of the vessel. The implementation of this new product follows the recent increase in container incidents at sea mostly due to inadequate lashing calculations as well as heavier weather and unexpected rough sea.

The tool provides a visible and audio warning when lash forces exceed the set limits and a warning if the current design or critical rolling angle of the vessel is exceeded. Furthermore, during severe weather conditions, operational guidance gives the vessel crew decision-making assistance about course and speed in order to avoid a negative impact on the lashing, ultimately ensuring the stability of the container stack.