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MSC reports impact of Covid restrictions on reefer box operations in Shanghai

[ April 12, 2022   //   ]

Due to the impact of new COVID restrictions in Shanghai, the port is experiencing considerable congestion, resulting in low or, at times, no availability of plugs for reefer containers.
MSC is notifying customers that MSC cannot discharge reefer containers at the designated port if there is no power source available or if a power source may not be available. In a statement published April 7, MSC also writes: “MSC also understands that your cargo may be time-sensitive and that a delay at discharge may cause damage to the cargo.”
For MSC customers who wish to advise Change of Destination (COD), MSC asks that they notify the carrier as soon as possible. “COD fees will apply in addition to operational costs incurred,” it says.
MSC further states: “Should you fail to inform us of a COD within the next 7 days, MSC will have no option but to apply clause 19 of our Bill of Lading and Sea Waybill Terms and Conditions. Under clause 19 your reefer container(s) may be discharged at an intermediate or alternative port and held there until it is possible to forward it/them to the designated port of discharge. Or, if the situation does not improve soon it may be necessary to abandon the voyage and advise you from where your container(s) may be collected.”
MSC further states: “Please note that in both cases MSC is entitled to charge to the Merchant additional freight and costs including but not limited to additional transshipment, storage, demurrage and plugging. Once we discharge a container at an alternative port, MSC will apply a USD 150/day (STO) storage cost starting from the 6th day after discharge until pick-up or on-carriage.”