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ModusLink Launches E-Commerce Hub to Drive Industry Collaboration and Innovation

[ December 5, 2015   //   ]

ModusLink Global Solutions™ Inc., a global, omni-channel technology and fulfillment provider, announced the grand opening of its new e-commerce solutions center, located in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. The vision is for the facility, in conjunction with its sister ModusLink facility in Venray, Netherlands, to become an e-commerce hub – attracting partners and other top e-commerce companies to come together in a spirit of collaboration with ModusLink. Together the partners will strive to innovate and improve how today’s top brands receive orders, fulfill and distribute products to their customers.
“The e-commerce industry has evolved rapidly – and it will, without doubt, continue to do so,” said Bram Barendregt, ModusLink’s Vice President & General Manager, eBusiness. “Regardless of whether your business is B2B, B2B2C or D2C, there are steadily increasing expectations that desired products be fulfilled, shipped and delivered almost instantaneously. These expectations mean that companies need to be speeding their e-commerce and supply chain processes with the most efficient and innovative solutions possible. With our new e-commerce knowledge center, ModusLink will continue to lead this charge.”
The new Apeldoorn e-commerce solutions center is almost 2,400 square feet and is located at Wapenrustlaan 11. It will house ModusLink’s expanded end-to-end e-commerce operations, which include everything clients need to get products to their customers quickly and efficiently. The company’s solutions include online store setup, online business optimization, payment management, order fulfillment, quality control, shipment, delivery, call centers and the returns process. The company is actively attracting partners and other e-commerce innovators that would like to become a part of the center.
Apeldoorn-based Factstory, a provider of search engine marketing (SEM) services to a variety of e-commerce customers, is a perfect fit for ModusLink’s collaborative strategy to promoting e-commerce innovations. “E-commerce gets stronger through collaboration,” said Pim Mulder, Owner of Factstory. “The ability to share industry knowledge, innovative approaches and best practices in a collective, collaborative space can only improve the satisfaction of the end-user customer – which is most important in this industry.”
“Many companies are looking to quickly and easily expand their e-commerce programs into new geographies and markets – and only by taking the most technologically advanced, yet efficient approach to doing so can they succeed,” added John Boucher, President and CEO of ModusLink. “Our global e-commerce hub will serve the dual purpose of giving our current clients everything they need to be successful – while helping to pave the way for the innovative ideas and approaches that will guide the e-commerce companies of the future.”