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Military mind could teach airfreight a thing or two, says Canadian Dragon

[ July 11, 2018   //   ]

Airfreight should learn from the military, said the founder of the OMX procurement network and supply chain platform Nicole Verkindt. Speaking ahead of TIACA’s Air Cargo Forum this October, she called on the industry to revolutionise the way it runs itself, modelled more on the global defence sector, if it is to thrive in the modern age.
Verkindt. said that strong collaboration, visibility and digitisation, are all concepts the military has long learned to master, and airfreight could easily apply many of those lessons due to the similar nature between the two industries.
She added: “The defence and air freight sectors have a lot in common – both have huge supply chains that span the globe, both contain an increasing number of moving parts, tiers, and suppliers, and both are established industries that are still in the process of transitioning to digital solutions,” she said.
“As supply chains become increasingly globalized and fragmented, there are more moving parts which means more chance for error. It can be difficult to align an organization, let alone an entire supply chain, but it’s not impossible and the benefits are overwhelming.”
Verkindt appears on the Canadian series ‘Next Gen Den Dragons’, and will take part in a panel exploring digital transformation, at TIACA’s 2018 Air Cargo Forum in Toronto, Canada on 16-18 October.