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LUG aircargo handling gains ISO 9001:2015

[ May 6, 2017   //   ]

“The certification to the standards and guidelines of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and TAPA B are important milestones. They underline our company’s commitment to top safety standards and quality leadership in airfreight handling in Germany,” says Patrik Tschirch, Managing Director & CEO, LUG aircargo handling GmbH. “The certificates are important signposts for our customers. They underline that their shipments are in good hands with us at all times.”

Competition in the airfreight handling market is intense. Products, services, and prices differ only marginally. LUG aircargo handling tries to distinguish itself by offering consistent world-class quality products and services and a strong customer focus. The guiding slogan is: Our quality of service is your success!

LUG started preparations for the certification from high quality, safety, and security levels. The company already operated a quality management system (QM) according to ISO 9001:2008. Nevertheless it kicked-off a quality offensive in 2016. Workflows were optimized to meet the ISO 9001:2015 norm. The security operations in the LUG Terminal in the Cargo City South at Frankfurt International Airport were raised to the TAPA B standard. At the same time the continuous quality improvement and review process was reinvigorated. “The quote of Oliver Cromwell is true for us too: He who stops getting better stops being good!” adds Patrik Tschirch.

The certificates attest to a transparent, integrated, and effective quality and security management system covering all areas of operations and stations. They evidence a high competency and professionalism as well as stringent workflows. The certified standards offer potential customers a reliable orientation and decision-making aid.

Practised quality

The LUG QM is supported by a corporate quality culture that is lived and acted on by all managers. This leads to a strong value orientation even on a personal level. The underlying values have proven to be an important factor in attracting talent and specialist staff.

A detailed integrated management handbook (IMH) is the foundation stone of the new LUG management system, embracing all aspects of quality and security. It provides an overview of company policies, goals, structure, and values as well as quality policy, planning, operations, safeguards, reviews, and improvements. It documents defined core processes, accountabilities, and responsibilities.

“LUG has focused on a consistent top process quality for many years. The certifications are a clear signal of our success in this area. Together with Nina Strippel, responsible for our quality management, and Axel van Hees, responsible for our security management, we shall endeavour to imbue the IMH with life and raise our company to new levels“, says Patrik Tschirch, Managing Director & CEO, LUG aircargo handling GmbH.