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Logistics software leader saves emissions

[ August 4, 2021   //   ]

While good for the environment, supply chain sustainability can also be good for the bottom line if incorporated into a company’s supply chain strategy. Logistics software company, Route4Me, has been leading by example to make a serious environmental impact:
• Already saved the emissions equivalent of planting 87,000,000 trees
• Prevented 10 billion miles (22.5B KM) from being driven and reduced CO2 emissions by 100 billion tons
• Helped deliver & donate meals to children, seniors, and other social causes
• Accelerated decarbonization and the adoption of electric business fleets
How is the company making such massive strides?
• Using Route4Me’s patented route optimization tech
• With support for biking, walking, and scooter routes
• EV-aware route optimization and planning
• EV-adoption dashboards, analytics, metrics