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Lift Off Distribution Improves Delivery Efficiency with Descartes’ Route Planning Solution

[ October 8, 2015   //   ]

Descartes Systems Group announced that Lift Off Distribution, the third largest Red Bull Energy Drink distributor in the US, is using the Descartes Route Plannerâ„¢ RS solution to enhance its private fleet operations.

Lift Off Distribution is attaining better levels of customer service and greater operational efficiencies by optimizing distribution territories, route plans and delivery frequency across a variety of customers and 7-Eleven stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

“Lift Off Distribution is privileged to represent a world-class brand, and we work daily to ensure that we’re executing the highest level of service that is deserving of Red Bull,” said Bryan Glover, General Manager, Lift Off Distribution. “By automating route planning, we’re no longer reliant on manual processes and physical maps. Our delivery days are much more tightly managed, and our drivers are servicing smaller
territories, yet making more deliveries. Our customers appreciate the increase in our delivery efficiency, particularly 7-Eleven, as the Descartes solution has allowed us to develop dedicated routes for the
chain’s Red Bull deliveries.”

Descartes Route Plannerâ„¢ RS helps evaluate geographic distribution and sales potential for each customer to build optimal territories and delivery plans based on available fleet resources, field personnel and delivery requirements. It enhances the performance by optimizing delivery frequency while minimizing route distance and time, and maximizing vehicle utilization and driver productivity. Descartes Route Plannerâ„¢ RS supports a wide range of business environments and fully integrates with Descartes’ dispatch and mobile solutions.

“We’re pleased that our technology supports Lift Off Distribution’s objective to provide best-in-class delivery performance for Red Bull,” said Andrew Rosko, Senior Vice President of Sales at Descartes.
“Determining how to efficiently deliver orders while maximizing customer service can be challenging, and Descartes’ route planning solutions can help distribution intensive companies, like Lift Off Distribution, better balance service levels, delivery costs and asset utilization.”