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Intermarine Joins Jumbo, SAL in JSI Alliance

[ March 1, 2024   //   ]

After three years as a joint venture, the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance said Feb. 28 it is bringing American multipurpose and liner operator Intermarine into the group, which is renamed JSI Alliance.
Dutch maritime heavy-lift transport and engineering contractor Jumbo Shipping and German breakbulk and project cargo specialist SAL Heavy Lift formed the initial alliance in 2021.
“When we launched our commercial alliance with SAL three years ago, we weren’t sure how the market and our customers would receive this new take on a commercial cooperation in the heavy-lift sector,” said Laurens Govers, director chartering and projects at Jumbo Shipping. “Today, we look back at the success. … every customer, from EPCs (engineering, procurement and construction companies) and industrial equipment manufacturers to project freight forwarders, will find transport services that can benefit their business and projects in our new constellation.”
JSI Alliance replaces Jumbo-SAL-Alliance as the unified marketing platform and brand. As operators and owners, however, Jumbo, SAL and Intermarine remain independent – allowing the three brands to be active in the market.
The JSI Alliance combines fleets and all commercial activities for breakbulk and project cargo, and creates a one-stop shop for customers seeking maritime breakbulk or project transport solutions.
All sales offices were unified from day one as JSI Alliance offices represent all three members. Back-office support functions such as engineering, QHSE and project management, maximizing synergies between the entities.
The alliance provides a unified commercial entry point for sales and marketing for their joint network of offices and agents in 23 countries worldwide. The new combined fleet of 50 vessels range from multipurpose vessels to advanced heavy-lift ships with lifting capacities of up to 3,000 tons.
The alliance will offer semi-liner and liner services as well as customized global project shipping. Services range from small parcel and single cargo items to complex industrial cargo units.
“Whether in Asia, Europe, Africa, the U.S. or South America – the JSI Alliance organization ensures that every customer gets the best possible service,” said Svend Andersen, CEO of Intermarine.
As a sister company to SAL, Intermarine has engaged in some cooperation already, said Intermarine President Richard Seeg. “I’m excited to bring the Intermarine product to the joint venture. This will add more services and an expanded reach to the portfolio. With our strength, especially in the Americas, I’m sure our alliance is off to a great start.”
SAL Heavy Lift Managing Director Jens Baumgarten said the JSI Alliance emerged organically with its sister company, Intermarine. “We’ve worked intensively over the past several months to prepare and set up our structures so we can operate effectively from day one.”
Intermarine’s fleet is a mix of owned and time-chartered vessels on short- and long-term basis, based on standardized, multipurpose vessels typically geared up to max 500 tons, essentially where the Jumbo and SAL vessel portfolio begins.
Intermarine COO Lars Rasmussen said: “We can combine standard multipurpose ships, with mighty heavy-lifters, deck carriers and even in some case bulk vessels – all under our operation and management … I’ve never seen a commercial solution as comprehensive as this.”
“For our company and group, it’s vital that we remain agile commercially and operationally, and seize the opportunities as they come,” said Dr Martin Harren, CEO of SAL Heavy Lift and Harren Group. “JSI Alliance marks a new cornerstone for our business.”

The JSI Alliance of Jumbo Shipping (left), SAL Heavy Lift and Intermarine has a combined fleet of 50 vessels. PHOTO: JSI Alliance

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