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IntelliTrans Introduces Global Visibility Platform for Ocean

[ November 16, 2022   //   ]

IntelliTrans,.the leader in global multi-modal solutions for optimizing supply chain operations for bulk & break-bulk industries, introduces the Global Supply Chain Visibility Platform for ocean shipments. On a single platform that combines truck, rail, barge, and now ocean freight, shippers plan, book, execute, and track ocean shipments all in one place, providing visibility for the entire lifecycle of the ocean shipment.
“The ocean freight industry struggles with lost containers, congested ports, shipping container shortages, rising freight rates, lack of carrier capacity, and crew shortages,” said Bernard Cohen, Senior Product Manager, IntelliTrans. “Ocean shipments are slower than other modes yet offer significant sustainability benefits while also delivering lower cost per unit. For these reasons and more, shippers are leveraging ocean freight as supply chains suffer from fluctuations in supply and demand, increasing operating costs and diminishing bottom line profits.”
“The IntelliTrans Global Supply Chain Visibility Platform (GVP) for ocean helps shippers and carriers meet the overwhelming challenges associated with ocean freight,” said Ken Sherman, President, IntelliTrans. “While some vendors only provide a tracking platform, IntelliTrans realizes that shippers’ challenges demand a more robust solution that actually helps them book and execute. That’s why IntelliTrans is proud to develop a complete tracking. booking, and execution platform that becomes the integrated command center for a shipper’s transportation logistics needs. Our GVP provides visibility for any mode – ocean, truck, barge, or rail.”