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Intelligent Audit honored as a top freight management solution provider

[ February 18, 2016   //   ]

Intelligent Audit was named one of the top freight management solution providers by Logistics Tech Outlook in the magazine’s February issue.

Logistics Tech Outlook’s annual Top 10 list showcases the most promising freight management solution providers for 2016. Companies are selected by a panel of experts and members of Logistics Tech Outlook’s editorial board to recognize and promote technology entrepreneurship.

“As shipping becomes more and more intricate, we have worked tirelessly to improve our services and solutions in order to make Intelligent Audit the best transportation savings partner we can be for our customers,” Intelligent Audit CEO Joseph “Yosie” Lebovich said. “To have that recognized by experts and the editors at Logistics Tech Outlook is affirmation of the IA team’s┬áhard work paying off.”

According to the magazine, Intelligent Audit’s inclusion is based on an evaluation of the company’s 360-degree approach to transportation recovery, audit and recovery of 100 percent of overpays, real-time visibility through its web-based software and overall services to all of its partners.

“Intelligent Audit has been on our radar for some time now for stirring a revolution in freight technologies, and we are happy to showcase them this year due to their continuing excellence in delivering top-notch technology-driven solutions,” said Linda James, managing editor of Logistics Tech Outlook. “Intelligent Audit continued to break new ground within the past year benefitting its customers around the globe, and we’re excited to have them featured on our top companies list.”