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Husky Terminal Moves to N4 SaaS

[ November 23, 2021   //   ]

Husky Terminal & Stevedoring, LLC, has signed a subscription agreement with Navis for its N4 SaaS offering, as part of a wide-scale modernization effort across its operations.

Husky Terminal is an operator of a marine freight terminal located in the Port of Tacoma, Washington, supporting nearly $3 billion in economic activity in the local region. The company specializes in offering quality terminal and stevedoring services including vessel berthing, shift scheduling, container movement and transportation services, allowing it to impart comprehensive and safe cargo movement capabilities to its clients.

Husky Terminal signed a subscription agreement to implement N4 SaaS – Navis’ cloud-based N4 TOS, which allowed the Terminal to continue its ongoing modernization efforts without having to deploy and maintain new infrastructure and commit additional IT resources. As part of the subscription with N4 in the Navis Cloud, Husky will have access to Navis 360 Managed Services portfolio including monitoring and diagnostics, database maintenance, automated testing, EDI monitoring, application maintenance as well as Navis Training support services.

The move to N4 SaaS is another step forward in the many modernization projects recently undertaken to maintain the Terminal’s competitive advantage in the region by upgrading its IT and infrastructure. Husky Terminal recently completed work on a new gate complex and truck-staging area to speed up the entry process for trucks, while freeing up valuable real estate at the waterfront terminal for more redevelopment. The move to N4SaaS with Managed Services and Training creates a foundation that will be built upon to further optimize operations in the future, including Equipment Control and optimizing RTG operations.

“We are very excited about the move to N4 SaaS from an operational efficiency standpoint but also from a customer standpoint,” said Dustin Stoker, President of Husky Terminal and Stevedoring, LLC. “We always aim to offer our customers best-in-class value and service and this platform lays the groundwork for us to not only be able to streamline our day-to-day operations but shift our focus from mundane daily tasks to those that will drive innovation and improvements, benefiting our customer base along the way.”

“Husky Terminal joins a select group of terminals that have taken the leap into the future by moving its operations to the cloud,” said Kim Kuesel, VP & General Manager, Americas, Navis. “The benefits of the cloud are undeniable as terminals continue to navigate a wildly complex and often unpredictable supply chain in light of pandemic-related disruptions. With the wave of maritime cargo traffic surging in the Northwest not expected to dissipate anytime soon, the migration of Husky’s operations to N4 SaaS allows the flexibility to scale operations to meet fluctuating capacity needs in real time while maintaining access to all of the features and functionality of an on-premise TOS.”

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