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How many flights does it take to transport 247 horses to the Tokyo Olympics?

[ July 16, 2021   //   ]

Horses is a high stakes business and transporting such valuable animals takes great skill, particularly when flying them in airplanes. So when the need arose to transport 247 horses from Europe to Japan arose, Emirates SkyCargo, the freight division of Emirates, opted to utilize its B777 freighter aircraft that are capable of transporting around 100 tonnes of cargo per flight. This meant it would take only eight flights to move 247 horses in 131 specially designed horse stalls, 59 grooms to look after the horses, 100 tonnes of special equipment and most importantly 20 tonnes of food and drink for the equine champions. Eight more flights will fly the horses back to Liege from Tokyo once the games are completed.
The first flight with 36 dressage horses already landed at Haneda airport, Tokyo.
Emirates will be operating an additional eight flights for the return journey from Tokyo to Liege. The carrier is working with Peden Bloodstock, a leading international horse transportation specialist for this charter.
During the flights, the horses are comfortably settled inside specially designed horse stalls. Emirates SkyCargo is flying 131horse stalls to transport the 247 horses. In addition, 59 grooms will also be flying with the horses on the eight flights to ensure that the horses are well cared for, fed and watered during the journey from Liege to Haneda via a brief stopover in Dubai. Emirates will be transporting 20 tonnes of inflight food and drink for the horses along with 100 tonnes of special equipment for the onward journey from Liege.
Emirates has decades of experience in transporting horses across six continents for international sporting events. Emirates is also the title sponsor of a number of prestigious global horse racing tournaments and is a sponsor of Godolphin, the world’s leading horse racing team.
Emirates has a fleet of modern B777 freighter aircraft and a well-trained team to ensure that horses have a comfortable and stress free flight experience. Emirates SkyCargo complies with regulations set out by national and international authorities on live animal transport
including IATA Live Animals regulations (LAR).