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Holt Logistics Receives “Company of the Year” Award from African-Caribbean Business Council

[ November 23, 2016   //   ]

Holt Logistics Corp. received the African-Caribbean Business Council’s (ACBC) 2016 “Company of the Year” Award at its 7th Annual Winter Awards Dinner & Fundraiser.
The ACBC Winter Awards recognize individuals and groups who have shown long-lasting excellence in their areas of expertise in international business. They were originally created to acknowledge important contributions to the African and Caribbean Communities by individuals, businesses, and organizations. The recipients of these awards represent valuable leadership qualities, as well as adding to the continued development and growth of Philadelphia. Holt Logistics was recognized for its stalwart commitment to promoting economic prosperity through robust trade relations with many African and Caribbean nations.
“We are honored and humbled to receive this award from our friends at the African-Caribbean Business Council,” said Leo A. Holt, President of Holt Logistics. “Port jobs, in particular container jobs, are well-paid, family sustaining careers that very accurately reflect Philadelphia’s diversity. Our ability to create these jobs here at home is only as strong as our ability to increase trade with all nations who wish to do business in the American economy. We are proud to lay claim to bringing many unique products to market through the Port of Philadelphia, and will continue to explore all corners of the globe to find new opportunities for trade. On behalf of the staff, stakeholders and family of Holt Logistics Corp, I extend a heartfelt thank you to the ACBC for bestowing us with this honor.”
Holt Logistics has taken impressive initiative when connecting with African and Caribbean countries. By using a multi-faceted approach to promoting trade, the organization continues to show its dedication to promoting economic success both domestically and internationally. Not only has Holt Logistics helped support the influx and trade of new products, but has also hosted delegations from countries including Ghana, South Africa, Togo, Brazil, Namibia, Côte d’Ivoire and more.
The ACBC, a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation located in Philadelphia, aims to empower African and Caribbean businesses and individuals through education, business workshops, marketing, investment, finance, and more.