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Historic Maritime Emergency Restoration Plan for Port of San Diego

[ February 11, 2016   //   ]

A signing ceremony was held on Jan. 13, 2016 to officially activate a multi-agency plan outlining protocols and measures for reopening the Port of San Diego in the case of a serious incident.

The document, titled, “The Port of San Diego Maritime Emergency Restoration Plan,” was developed in 2015 to ensure that the reopening of the port after a transportation security incident or catastrophic disaster would be conducted in a safe and seamless manner.

In the past, multiple agencies at all levels of government had independent protocols and plans outlining actions for port and waterway reopening after a serious incident. It was necessary to integrate and coordinate the information into a single plan. The planning effort engaged public and private-sector partners to develop an integrated, all-hazard, multi-agency plan for reopening of the port.

The Port of San Diego Maritime Emergency Restoration Plan includes guidelines set forth in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Emergency Response Guide, which was established in March 2015 and which was developed through a collaborative effort across eight federal agencies and major programs supporting maritime response. The new plan spells out the roles, responsibilities and legal authorities for all of the agencies and organizations which would play a role in damage assessments and subsequent restoration of the waterways, navigation systems, facilities and operations which make up the Port of San Diego.

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PLEASE CREDIT: (Photo courtesy of the Port of San Diego.)