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Hansa Heavy Lift Transports Giant Carousel to Egina Oil Field Off Nigeria

[ August 28, 2018   //   ]

HANSA HEAVY LIFT has transported a giant carousel together with eight reels, weighing a total of 3,508.7 metric tonnes, from Newcastle, United Kingdom to Lagos, Nigeria destined for the Egina Oil Field.

The voyage took place on board the super heavy lift vessel HHL Lagos, which was mobilized in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to prepare the vessel with additional deck strength for the extra-large carousel, which weighed over 2,200 metric tonnes including spooled product and had a diameter of over 25 meters.

“Close connection between the HANSA HEAVY LIFT engineering, superintendents and the vessels crew allowed for a fast deck reinforcement through the installation of additional under-deck stiffeners and a spooling platform,” said Tom Kröger, Project Engineer, HANSA HEAVY LIFT.

“Our in-house team of experienced naval architects carried out structural calculations to assess the structural integrity of the vessel.

“The team performed structural analyses to develop a tailor-made solution accordingly with the project related requirements and designed and installed bespoke shim-plates on deck to support Saipem with the accommodation of the carousel.”

Saipem in cooperation with HANSA HEAVY LIFT installed the empty carousel, which weighed 516 metric tonnes, together with the required equipment, on the vessel before sailing to Newcastle, where the cargo spooling took place.

The HANSA HEAVY LIFT team worked with Saipem upon arrival at the port of Lagos to achieve double banking with Saipem offshore construction vessel NORMAND MAXIMUS to unspool the products from the carousel.

“HANSA HEAVY LIFT was an excellent partner to work with on this project, and the team impressed us with its efficiency and high degree of detail,” said Olivier Credoz, who managed the chartering activities for the project from his desk in Paris.

“The strong cooperation between our team and HANSA HEAVY LIFT ensured a seamless project execution. We look forward to working with HANSA HEAVY LIFT again in the future.”

HANSA HEAVY LIFT specializes in the super heavy lift 900+ metric tonnes industry, delivering best-in-class engineering solutions to customers, particularly in the subsea, oil and gas, as well as the offshore wind farm sectors.