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Hans Infomatic’s Software Solution Connects to +90 Airlines Through WIN

[ September 4, 2015   //   ]

India-based Hans Infomatic has teamed up with the Worldwide Information Network (WIN) to offer customers a streamlined e-Customs process.

Hans Infomatic’s web-based ‘AMS’ application enables customers to access one streamlined process for e-Customs filing as well as electronic Air Waybills (e-AWBs), and e-manifests to over 90 airlines, using the WIN platform.

Benefits also include full electronic tracking, with AWB information automatically loaded into the AMS system, so shipments no longer have to be checked manually.

“A lot of ease of work and processes has happened due to technology and computerization,” said Subhash Malhotra, Director, Fourways Movers Pvt Ltd, a customer of Hans Infomatic.  “The e-freight initiative taken up by Hans Infomatic and WIN has definitely enabled us to reduce costs and optimize operations.”

“A paradigm shift is taking place globally due to the advancement in the field of IT,” said K Sachedeva, Director, Indian Cargo ExpressPvt Ltd – also a Hans Infomatic customer.  “Going paperless, reducing the carbon footprint and attaining greater efficiency are prime among them.  This initiative by Hans Infomatic and WIN fulfills one of today’s most pressing needs.”

Parvinder Singh, Managing Director of Hans Infomatic, added that the new integrated system would help forwarders collate and consolidate information into a single system.

“With this system of e-filing, export documents will be accessible to Customs (for Shipping Bills) as well as airlines without duplication, thereby saving costs and also helping to conserve the environment,” he said.

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