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Hactl pact urges tenants: Waste not, want not

[ March 28, 2024   //   ]

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) has launched a voluntary Green Terminal Pact (GTP) to encourage its SuperTerminal 1 tenants to reduce carbon footprint and create an environmentally-conscious workplace.

 It will also help them prepare for Hong Kong’s Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Charging Scheme. Hactl has installed smart meters in participating tenants’ offices to help track energy consumption, and has organised numerous briefings on the new scheme. It has also installed an additional recycling machine at its terminal, and will continue to collect waste for recycling.

A key element of the GTP is a Performance Reward Scheme, the first of its kind at the airport, in which participating tenants set targets for reduced energy consumption and waste, and increased recycling. Successful achievement of targets will earn trophies, and vouchers which can be used by tenants’ staff to buy a wide range of goods from local social enterprises.

Tenants occupying over 70% of SuperTerminal 1’s rented office space have already committed to signing the Pact.

In 2018, Hactl launched its Green Terminal programme with the aim of creating the world’s greenest air cargo handling operation. Annual Green Weeks held over recent years have reinforced Hactl’s sustainability message to all staff, and encouraged their active participation through changes to their behaviour and lifestyle.