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Globe Tracker and TransVoyant Team Up to Combine the Internet of Things and Advanced Big Data Analytics for the Intermodal Industry

[ November 3, 2015   //   ]

Global supply chain visibility specialist Globe Tracker International (GT) and TransVoyant have formed a strategic partnership that will offer the TransVoyant Continuous Decision Intelligence Platform™ (CDI™) as a plug-in on Globe Tracker’s Smart Autonomous Asset Network. Utilizing data collected from GT devices on intermodal assets, TransVoyant’s CDI Platform will offer GT’s customers advanced predictive analytics that improve supply chain efficiency and visibility, mitigate risk, empower proactive disruption response, and forecast with high accuracy the arrival of shipments via land, sea and air anywhere in the world.
“We are very excited to be working with TransVoyant to provide our customers with smart estimates for arrival times, including notifications of transshipped containers, that are impacted by costly supply chain disruptions such as weather, natural disasters, labor issues, and other factors.  It is one of the best uses of big data in the logistics supply chain,” said Don Miller, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing at Globe Tracker.
“By integrating the data received from Globe Tracker devices and sensors into the CDI Platform, our live and predictive analytics engine will provide customers with a more proactive, leaner and efficient way to get in front of risks and opportunities in supply chains, which ultimately translates to a better bottom line,” added TransVoyant Manager Director, Tyson Leal.

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