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Germany Calls for $300B in Infrastructure Improvements

[ April 1, 2016   //   ]

Germany’s federal government has gotten the message that good infrastructure translates to good trade. Recently, the German government announced plans to invest nearly US$300 billion as part of its national infrastructure plan, or Bundesverkehrswegeplan.
The budget is nearly US$100 billion less, however, than the last Bundesverkehrswegeplan published in 2003.
The plan covers the period up to 2030 and includes new roads, railway lines and waterways with about 49.4% of the investment for roads, 41.3% for railways and 9.3% for waterways.
Nearly US$100 billion is earmarked for new building while the remaining two-thirds of the investment will go towards modernizing existing infrastructure. The national infrastructure plan is open for a six-week consultation process.

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