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Gelnius launches robust supply chain management software

[ May 9, 2017   //   ]

Gelnius has launched a revolutionary new technology platform, according to the creators of Gelnius, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution aiming to reinvent the way global supply chains work.

The Gelnius technology was originally developed from the award-winning SEKO Logistics technology, already the preferred solution helping a world leader in technology systems and cloud computing manages some 150,000 outbound Finished Goods Inventory movements a year. It also has a proven track record for customers in the retail, manufacturing, high-tech, medical, aerospace, defense, security and aviation sectors, enabling customers to achieve significant cost savings and better information by giving them the ability to better manage the movement of their goods across their entire global network of vendors, customers, legacy systems, distribution centers, sales channels and partners.

Gelnius CCO, Marc Gross, says companies that fail to keep pace with new technologies risk missing out on substantial business efficiencies. “We can empower companies to make smarter decisions that have huge financial benefits. There has been little change in logistics technology for many years, but now the growth of the industry – public platforms, the cloud, smart devices and the technological possibilities to connect the previously disparate parts – is exponential. In any supply chain there are many different parties, people and roles – both internal and external – each with their own disjointed systems; freight forwarders, 3PL’s, parcel couriers, ERP systems, financial systems, in-house warehouse systems and so on. They all need to work together ‘in-sync’ so Gelnius connects to each one and brings that fresh data into a separate environment – giving the customer an unprecedented level of transparency and visibility.”

“This is one big step towards a form of ‘virtual forwarding’, where companies are able to cut many elements out of the process – creating a carrier-neutral platform where they can buy how they want, and route how they want, on their own terms. In short, we aim to not only cover a customer’s original investment, but to generate a multiple fold return on investment – and we’re talking about a more strategic investment and far lower risk in the first place,” he says.

Gelnius’ software platform is available in three different variants:

  • TMS Lite – Coming August 2017, the TMS Lite is a self-serve solution offering an instant set-up, with pre-defined business logic, pre-book functionality, a consolidation tool, exception management, a defined set of carrier integrations and more. It is designed for small to medium-sized companies that have an either a domestic and/or international supply chain;
  • Marketplace – Launching in September 2017, the Marketplace is a global solution built in parallel to TMS Lite, designed for companies that would look to expand the TMS Lite in line with their strategic growth. The Marketplace offers self-serve modules as instant additions, business logic, routing guide, parts catalogue, further international languages, master labels for eCommerce, compliance modules and more;
  • Enterprise – This is the most comprehensive and customizable order management platform helping large multinational companies streamline their entire order to cash process from inception to consumption.

The technology’s ability to save money is based on customers achieving reduced transportation cost and better management of administration overhead as well as cost savings linked to visibility of all freight transactions on a single platform, managing non-compliant suppliers and improved reporting, business intelligence and supply chain visibility.

Marc Gross adds: “We want to send a life-line to anyone who’s tasked with solving complex logistics problems spanning multiple P&L’s and business units. Some of the traditional, less agile solutions out there are painful and costly to implement and bring the risk of over-runs. What’s the point of spending years implementing something that doesn’t work? Gelnius is the intelligent, cost effective, future-proofed alternative.”

The company says its initial focus will be to target companies that want to:

  • Connect legacy ERP systems
    • Hold vendors accountable
    • Get better buying option visibility
    • Reduce excess inventory
    • Make sure shipments are compliant
    • Ensure IT budgets cover logistics costs
    • Manage and scale complex integrations
    • Respond quickly to fluctuations in supply and demand
    • Manage complex Omni-Channel supply chains
    • Meet consumer demand via lowest-cost delivery routes
    • Identify consolidation opportunities
    • Gain business intelligence to model change before investment

Gelnius has a key strategic partnership with SEKO Logistics, bringing decades of combined knowledge and technical expertise into every customer engagement.

SEKO Logistics is recognized globally for its innovative software and shipping solutions, which have earned it a series of global awards in the past 12 months. In April, SEKO won the Technology Award in The Irish Logistics & Transport Awards 2017 for its delivery of innovative, cost-saving supply chain solutions for three leading global brands: EMC, a global leader in cloud computing that was acquired by Dell in 2016 in the biggest deal in the history of the technology sector; Kellogg’s, the multinational food manufacturer; and Xerox, the global document solutions and services corporation.

Last year, SEKO was ranked ‘Best for IT’ in an annual survey of 4,725 qualified buyers of logistics and transportation services conducted by the highly-respected Logistics Management magazine to measure customer satisfaction and performance excellence. The company also earned a third consecutive Top 10 ranking in Internet Retailer Magazine’s Top 100 3PL Provider list of leading vendors to the Top 1,000 e-retailers in the U.S, and at the start of 2017, its ability to deliver money saving supply chain solutions for customers saw SEKO listed as a ‘Top 3PL’ by Multichannel Merchant.


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