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Galveston Rising in U.S. Cargo Rankings

[ February 9, 2022   //   ]

Galveston is rising in the rankings as a top-50 U.S. cargo port. Almost 12 million tons of cargo moved through the deep-water harbor in 2020, placing it 46th among the busiest U.S. ports and waterways.
According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, a 9% increase in cargo tonnage over 2019 boosted Galveston’s ranking in the list of 150 ports and waterways.
“This is great news for the Port of Galveston, our port partners and our region,” said Rodger Rees, Galveston port director and CEO. “This ranking classifies us as a high-usage port, making us eligible for more funding opportunities.”
Rees added that cargo growth generates more jobs, wages and revenue for the region. In 2020, the port moved 4.3 million tons of cargo and generated 454,000 hours for union workers. These totals do not include the economic impact of the 7.6 million tons of cargo moved through private docks in Galveston Harbor.
In 2021, the port moved 4.9 million tons, a 14% increase over 2020.
“We saw growth in almost all types of cargo, including bulk liquids, bulk fertilizer, wind and general cargo, roll-on/roll-off cargos, and new cars,” Rees said. “Improvements to our West Port Cargo Complex and a new, privately operated cargo laydown yard also contributed to our growth.”