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FRA Releases List of Railroad Crossings with Most Incidents over Last Decade

[ May 4, 2016   //   ]

As the next step in its ongoing efforts to increase safety at railroad crossings, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) recently released a list of railroad crossings in the United States where multiple incidents have occurred in recent years. The list includes 15 crossings where 10 or more incidents have occurred over the last decade.

“Knowing where repeat injuries and fatalities occur helps states focus their time and resources on areas where they can have an impact,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.  “Preventing incidents and fatalities at railroad crossings is one of the Department’s top priorities, and I urge states to work with FRA to achieve this life-saving goal.”

FRA tracks safety data at the nation’s more than 200,000 railroad crossings. FRA data show there are 15 crossings across the United States where at least 10 incidents occurred over the last decade.  While fatalities have not occurred at all 15 crossings, the potential for injuries and loss of life could be significant due to repeated incidents. The list of crossings is below.

Many of the 15 crossings are at busy, multiple lane intersections in neighborhoods with significant truck traffic, or have tracks crossings roadways on a diagonal. Many crossings close to a traffic intersection also have their warning systems interconnected to traffic lights. If sequenced and working correctly, these interconnected systems can help prevent vehicles from stopping over railroad tracks where there is limited roadway between the tracks and the nearby intersection.

Here’s the listing of crossing with 10 or more incidents during the last decade:

  • Phoenix Arizona, 24 Incidents, 2 Injuries
  • Phoenix Arizona, 21 Incidents, 4 Injuries
  • Glendale Arizona, 19 Incidents, 3 Injuries
  • Ashdown Arkansas, 16 Incidents, 4 Fatalities, 4 Injuries
  • Phoenix, Arizona, 15 Incidents, 4 Injuries
  • Elmwood Park New Jersey, 14 Incidents, 1 Fatality, 4 Injuries
  • Muncie Indiana, 14 Incidents, 3 Injuries
  • Evergreen Alabama, 13 Incidents, 5 Fatalities, 1 Injury
  • Baton Rouge Louisiana, 13 Incidents
  • Pascagoula Mississippi, 12 Incidents, 7 Injuries
  • Cleveland Ohio, 12 Incidents, 1 Injury
  • Memphis Tennessee, 10 Incidents, 2 Fatalities, 4 Injuries
  • Glendale Arizona, 10 Incidents, 1 Injury
  • Waycross Georgia, 10 Incidents, 1 Injury
  • Houston  Texas, 10 Incidents, 2 Injuries