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Fourkites Partners with Haulfox to Provide Freight Brokers Next Gen Supply Chain Visibility

[ July 1, 2017   //   ]

FourKites announced a formal partnership with HaulFox, a cloud-based Transportation Management Solution (TMS). The partnership fuses FourKites’ preeminent real-time freight visibility platform with HaulFox’s software into one powerful platform, which enhances the orchestration of day-to-day freight shipping processes.

“Hours-old visibility updates were acceptable in the past, but now shippers expect their freight brokers to know where an 80,000-pound truck hauling $100,000 worth of cargo is at any given time,” said Jonathan Drouin, Founder and COO of HaulFox. “By partnering with FourKites, HaulFox can deliver on our brand promise to automate processes and focus on ruthless efficiency and productivity gains.”

HaulFox partnered with FourKites to provide its clients with the most accurate and reliable shipment visibility capabilities on the market. FourKites technology collects shipping location and status information in real-time from more than 60 onboard GPS/ELD systems, trailer tracking devices and driver cell phones. Using FourKites’ powerful technology, HaulFox customers can experience full visibility of location and ETA, including predictive weather and traffic impact on delivery times, every 15 minutes. The technology captures vast amounts of data, which HaulFox turns into actionable intelligence and delivers it to the front lines for its customers.